Scotland's first University Scheme Masonic Lodge

Lodge St David (University Lodge) No. 36St David (University Lodge) No. 36 is a member of the Scottish University Lodge Scheme of the Grand Lodge of Scotland and welcomes applications from present and past students and staff of any Scottish university, and from gentlemen who might otherwise be precluded from making application to a Scottish Lodge. Membership of the Scheme enables the Lodge to admit members from the age of 18 (normally 21) or who have not previously lived in Scotland for the previous three years.

Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth

In addition to promoting Freemasonry's principles of Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth, having members with a common interest in academia, learning and personal improvement, enables the Lodge to provide a unique environment in which to facilitate a range of activities, from inter-disciplinary and inter-university intellectual interaction to simply enjoying a meal with colleagues and friends.

Origins of the Lodge

Scotland is arguably the birth place of Freemasonry and our Lodge has a long history. Its formation as 'Canongate from Leith' was first proposed by six members of Lodge Leith Kilwinning on 2 February 1738 and it was duly constituted on 2 March 1738, with the first meeting held on that date. The name was changed to 'St David' in August 1756 and University Lodge status granted in November 2013.

St David (University Lodge) No. 36