Scotland's first University Scheme Masonic Lodge

The Scottish University Lodge Scheme was created by the Grand Master Mason; initially for a five-year pilot period. The scheme is managed by the Grand Lodge of Scotland.  St David (University Lodge) was the pilot lodge; Lodge St Andrew in St Andrews, and Lodge St Nicholas in Aberdeen have since joined the scheme, and Lodge Glasgow Kilwinning in Glasgow.

The scheme provides dispensations for the Lodge to accept applications from those who do not meet the normal age or residency requirements and to reduce fees by 50% for those applicants in full-time higher education, thereby making it easier for undergraduates and graduates to enter Freemasonry whilst away from home studying.

England has a similar, very successful, scheme run by the United Grand Lodge of England, which now includes more than 65 lodges. The Scottish University Lodge Scheme organizers have worked closely with their English counterparts, consequently forging very close links between them.

Home Countries Represented by the University Lodge Scheme Members

St David (University Lodge) No. 36