Commemorative Jewels

St David (University Lodge) like many lodges has in the past struck commemorative jewels to mark significant milestones in the lodge's history.  These are typically only available to those involved in the celebrations.

St david (University Lodge) No. 36 Member JewelMembers Jewel

Members of the lodge who have not had the opportunity to obtain a commemorative Jewel are nonetheless proud of their membership of St David (University Lodge), and for this reason, the lodge has struck a Members Jewel which any member can wear at any time - while attending the lodge, or while visiting other lodges. 

The Members Jewel is available to purchase now at a cost of £15 (plus a small additional charge for P&P). Secure Payments can be made via PayPal (even if you do not have a PayPal account).  Please note that these jewels are only available to members of the lodge.