Scotland's first University Scheme Masonic Lodge

COVID-19 Announcement

All masonic activity in Scotland has been suspended until at least July 2021.
No meetings are currently taking place, but interested individuals are still invited to contact the Lodge Secretary.

Freemasonry, in lodges under the auspices of the Grand Lodge of Scotland, is open to any man able to profess a belief in a Supreme Being and who demonstrates high moral values.

Whilst not a requirement, many candidates for admission to St. David (University Lodge) No. 36 have a connection with a Scottish university. Under the Scottish University Lodge Scheme, our lodge enjoys certain dispensations:

  • to waive the normal age requirement of 21 years and regularly admits candidates from the age of 18
  • to admit candidates who have not been ordinarily resident in the vicinity of the lodge for a period of three years
  • to reduce by half the joining fee for a candidate in full-time education

Countries Represented by the University Lodge Scheme Members

St David (University Lodge) No. 36